>Where there are more butterflies than people to count them…

And the roar that fills your ear is not of traffic and human sounds
but of water crashing all around
Thundering from canopy heights, pounding to the ground
Where green surpasses the grey
And sunlight keeps the couds at bay
Where light kisses waterdrops resulting in
a spectacualr array of rainbows stretching amidst
This waterfalling wonderland
Heartbeats match the pace of a butterfly’s wingspan

”She felt her love of the world as it appeared brimming inside her again, and marveled, where have I been?” – Jean Hegland, from ”Windfalls”

People can’t help but smile here. Something about the negative ions produces by crashing water that makes humans happier. Or maybe its these sights and sounds we so rarely are in touch with. As humans move ever more into dense urban centers into cardboard boxes and card houses illuminated by flourescent lights instead of rainbows. Thankful for this moment of wonder…

”Colours are where my brain finds glue.” – Hot Chip