>She’s Looking for Something…

>FOUND! In the mystical musical styling of Lynx and Janover and a little help from some friends like Beats Antique. The BRAND NEW album from Lynx and Janover ”between worlds” is rocking my world right now.

Last winter before I picked up my backpack and little life and shipped it down to South America, I uploaded a bunch of new music onto my ipod from my best friend who happens to have fantastic taste in music. Over the course of the next several months I had the pleasure of picking through mystery artists and opening my ears and consciousness to new sounds. Thank you, Chelsea.

On a flight from Santiago, Chile on my way to reconnect with my sister in Paraguay, I stumbled upon ”Lynx” in my artist catalog and dove in to her solo CD ”Grain of Sand” while gazing out over Andean peaks. Her music is just the right mix of her melodious voice, hip-hop influences, sweet electronic beats and conscious lyrics. Kinda my style…

Upon return to Oregon, I was stoked to see her perform at the Oregon Country Fair, alongside Jamie Janover, musical magician who while rocking any and all sorts of percussion instruments is most noted for his progressive style with the hammered dulcimer. Their collaboration has combined the timeless sound of ancient instruments with hip-hop and electronica creating a completely unique sound.

The duo stole my heart when they performed at the Hookah Dome on the playa Saturday night after the Man burned. After a week of pure break beats Lynx’s melodious voice was auditory gold. They created such an amazing soundscape and energy during their performance, everyone in the crowd seemed euphoric, effervescent, grateful. Smiles all around, strangers becoming connected through their appreciation of this amazing music, moment.

”between worlds” is now available to download on lynxandjanover.bandcamp.com

My favorite track ”She’s Looking for Something” was made in collaboration with Beats Antique and has been made available for FREE download HERE.

Thank you.

>Making Dreams Come True Since 1986

>Burning Man, that is… although my birth year does very cutely coincide with the birth of the burning of The Man.

As I sit in the quiet that follows the explosive beats of Burning Man I settle in to a slower pace of life. Naps and home cooking and lots of dusting off of costume pieces and a little time for reflection packed in along with sequins and hand mirrors.

The week in the desert always rushes by, or beams by in a blur of lazers and enough booty shaking to leave my body reverberating long after. I’ve always felt like Burning Man is a year of your life condensed into a week. An intensive lesson in Living Life to the Fullest when you usually discover or come to a greater understanding of your role and perhaps yourself somewhere in a sunrise or a dust storm, when you least expected it.

It was a huge blessing to be able to share this experience with so many wonderful people this year. So many dear friends, some of who I only get to see in the desert due to our far-flung lifestyles. If Metropolis was the theme of 2010’s Burning Man, Community is my reason for doing what I do.

What’s yours?

Burning Man pushes you to answer these questions that we often don’t have the time, energy, patience, faith, strength or courage to. Why do you do what you do? How do you do it? How can you do in a way that pushes you and lifts others up around you?

How can you make dreams come true?

Somehow… through the magic of a playa dust and maybe belief in the powers of manifestation, dreams come true in the desert every minute of every day. That’s right, that is a completely mathematically proven statistic. I’ve experienced and witnessed an astounding amount of miracles, dreams and transformations in this desert art and music oasis.

This year I flew into the sky with wings, suspended under a bundle of huge balloons.

I got into a helicopter simply by ASKING and saw the playa and the earth in a way I never have before, zooming high above.

I was offered bacon THREE TIMES in one hour by three different people. Is this not the stuff that dreams are made of?

A couple years ago (when I borrowed Doogie’s top hat Burning Man 2008) I began a kind of fascination (bordering on obsession) with Top Hats. When in London I procured a really sweet one and love to rock it on special occasions or in my basement. This past year I began dreaming about miniature top hats. Perfect in style and proportion, pint-sized versions of my favorite kind of hat. These adorable creations kept popping up in my dreams and so I’ve been longing for one but there has never been one just right. This is one elusive item to acquire.

And then… Saturday night after The Man burns and the energy of the entire week reaches its roaring peak, I was romping around the desert playing with and admiring incredible art installations that light up and burn and make music. My friend points out a beautiful woman half lit by flames from a fire, wearing a perfect miniature top hat. I gush over the beauty of her and the delightful little hat and she thanks me – she made it herself – and she unpins it from her hair and puts it on my head.

A dream… literally… come true.

Thank You.

Believe and it will happen. Manifestation is Possible. This can occur everyday, anywhere, Burning Man just helps remind you.

If you haven’t been and are interested, begin HERE!!!