A lot of winged things have been blipping across my radar lately and I’m feeling the feathers from tips to toes.
I recently splurged and went out to the movies to catch a viewing of the impeccable thriller Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronofsky. Natalie Portman portrays the dancer who must embody both the dark and sensual black swan as well as the innocent and virginal white swan in the famous ballet and loses herself in the process. As she falls deeper and deeper into a hallucination of becoming the black swan, feather burst forth from her skin and she dances a final flawless performance in winged glory. Hot. Damn. The ballet aesthetic really does it for me as well.

For the recent Just People Masquerade Ball, Kerri Jonquil created a mask that transformed her into a bird of paradise for the evening. Kudos for such creative feathering.

New Creations from Furleatherfeather inspired by flight:

The New Years Eve 2011 Collection of hair clips were made from pheasant and hackle feathers, bits of recycled rabbit and fox fir and some special stones and trinkets collected over the past few years.
Also on the winged radar are some FLY adidas:

And a belated nod to these killer heels from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Collection:
A true visionary and artist.
The following piece of work, entitled ‘Desire’ by Christopher Stoked is a mechanical wing structure made of over 1,400 individually heat-tempered scalpel blades.

Desire Indeed