>The Dream of the ’90’s: the return of the fanny pack

Not like we haven’t been hip to the hands-free movement since Burning Man 2008, but apparently the movers and shakers in the mundo of fashion have come around and will be sending the so-called “belt bags” down runways during New York’s fashion week.

“You either love them and a make them a part of your life or you fight them ’til the end,” Isaac Mizrahi said in a Wall Street Journal article. He is making belted satchels again for the first time since 1992.

Yvan Mispelaere, the creative director for Diane von Furstenberg is “considering” putting his “hands-free bags” on the runway for his February 13th show in NYC. They will sell for $325.

Hermes has given the classic nylon fanny-pack a luxury lift with its $4675 “Kelly Bandeau” waist belt set to arrive in stores in spring 2011.

One thing I love about the modern fanny pack (besides them getting love in general) is that it is fastened around the natural waist as opposed to being slung around the hips, giving a sophisticated shape.

One I don’t love about the designer bags is the price.

Luckily Colombians love fanny packs and awesome fanny packs made out of leather, canvas and nylon are for sale everywhere. I for one am planning on swooping up as many as I can fit in my back pack.

I was way ahead of the curve on this one.

Taking requests now for Summer 2011 Utili-fannies :)

2 thoughts on “>The Dream of the ’90’s: the return of the fanny pack

  1. >you were/are definitely ahead of the curve on this one! and i personally (with only a little bias) think yours are more interesting and beautiful than the expensive designer types. my other problem with those shown in your photos is that with ANYTHING in them, they won't look like that. they hug the hip or cinch the waist but if you put your wallet, or your water bottle, or your lip care into it, bulge bulge bulge and they wouldn't be nearly as beautiful. designer need to consider the uses to which this useful fashion would be put!!!

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