Invisible Pyramid

Through a series of fortunate searches I stumbled upon the work of photographer and director Neil Krug. His images have a grainy, vintage feel with a strong Americana influence, like a beat up Playboy cover from the ’70’s or an old Western flick on psychedelics. He used Polaroid film to capture the sensual shapes of geology and the human form and plays with geometry and stylized settings to achieve the rugged and utterly appealing images.

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Krug’s video credits include music videos for Ladytron, Boards of Canada, White Flight, Devendra Banhart and My Chemical Romance, which delve into the surreal landscape of Krug’s aesthetic matched to music. Check out a couple of his most recent creations:

He even has a feature-length film in post production entitled Invisible Pyramid. Keep an eye out for that and more from this astounding visual artist.

Check out Neil Krug’s website